On the Finca – Part 1

I can happily report that I have now been to the farm. Twice, actually. The first trip was this past Thursday and the second was just yesterday. On Thursday, Julia and I went up but were unable to check out the cabin interior, so instead we trekked across the property to see what condition thingsContinue reading “On the Finca – Part 1”

From Costa Rica with Love

I’m in Costa Rica now. Maybe that’s a bit too abrupt for an introduction, but I’ve been thinking recently that I need to dedicate some thought to normalizing that which feels “exotic”. This isn’t to say that I want to ignore differences and avoid new experiences, but rather examine new parts of the world withContinue reading “From Costa Rica with Love”

“Hello, world!”

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Maybe I’ll be a computer programmer!” In that very same moment, have you ever jumped forward in your mind to the point at which you’ve conquered all of computer programming knowledge and are now a reputable, successful coder? Have you then signed yourself up for online courses in programming,Continue reading ““Hello, world!””