On the Finca – Part 5

Hello, fellow humans. I know you’ve all been tearing your hair out wondering when your favorite Costa Rican farm blog would be updated, so I’m happy to announce another round of improvements have been completed on the property.

  1. Running water + a new toilet
    • I spent a day up at the property with Luis, who also installed our electricity, installing a brand new toilet as well as a 1,100 L water tank. We were fortunate that much of the piping already in the cabin walls works great, so the connection of the tank to the cabin went both smoothly and quickly. One fun challenge that Luis encountered in replacing the toilet was that whoever had installed it the first time decided to cement it to the floor as opposed to bolting it.
  2. Sweet potato germination
    • I picked up 20 sweet potatoes (camotes) from the local farmers market and have begun to germinate shoots which will eventually become root slips, which will eventually become more camotes. Each potato can produce up to 50 slips, so you might say I’ll be living the “sweet” life…(sorry)
  3. Swale construction
    • Using a homemade “A” level, chalk, and a shovel, I marked out five contour lines on a south-eastern facing slope. These lines, in case you don’t know, represent a continuous level surface across the hill. I am now in the process of digging a 12-16 in. trench along those lines. The dirt from the trenches is piled along the downhill side as the berm and will eventually be seeded with crops. The trench will be filled with mulch and other organic matter to eventually feed the plants.

That’s all for now. I plan to be living at the farm full time within a week which will hopefully lead to daily posts and updates! Feel free, as always, to get in touch if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas. Thanks.

See ya.

Published by CamDaly

In May of 2020, I graduated college with a degree in classical trombone and no plan of what to do with myself. I had made plans, of course, but we all know what’s gone down since March. I now find myself in constant pursuit of the big idea and/or inspiring moment that will open the next chapter of my life.

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