On the Finca – Part 2

My apologies for the brief hiatus in posting. A week of farm-fixing was limited by car troubles. The car has since been sorted, and I spent last Sunday afternoon up at the property with the brand-new brushcutter that Julia’s father and I picked up from the local Husqvarna dealer. The machine is a 143R-II which came with the “Tap ‘n Go” head that uses thick nylon cord as well as a knife attachment for clearing thick brush. We opted for an additional, low-tech manual head which I can’t seem to find on the internet. This was a recommendation from the salesman, but it also aligned with my previous experience of tap-type heads being a major pain in the rear. After a mere 60 minutes of work with the machine, I think I’m in love. It runs smoothly yet powerfully on a gas-oil mix (20cc 4 stroke oil per liter of unleaded gas). If you want some photo-proof of the 143R-II’s efficiency, check out the before and after photos on the lower part of the driveway that I took with my phone. This was done in just 45 minutes of cutting.

That Sunday trip also revealed a flaw in my previously planned projects. Making reinforcements to the loft and doors will be much easier with power tools. Using power tools will be much easier with power. So that’s lead us to the new “top priority” of finding an electrician who can help me plan and execute some basic wiring for the cabin. My minimal knowledge of residential electronics leads to me to believe I can run the cabin on two circuits–one for the light fixture & outlets in the sitting-room and loft and one for the kitchen with an additional overhead light in the bathroom. That said, I have no idea what I’m doing in that regard, so hopefully we’ll find someone who can lend a hand.

That’s pretty much where we are for the moment. I’ll update you all as soon as there’s activity that’s update-able. Keep an eye out in the next few days for a post detailing the bamboo garden fence and terraced planter boxes that Julia’s father and I are nearing completion on. Until then, stay safe and go vote!

See Ya.

Published by CamDaly

In May of 2020, I graduated college with a degree in classical trombone and no plan of what to do with myself. I had made plans, of course, but we all know what’s gone down since March. I now find myself in constant pursuit of the big idea and/or inspiring moment that will open the next chapter of my life.

3 thoughts on “On the Finca – Part 2

  1. Thanks for the update, Cam! The proper tools make all the difference. I think your idea to look for an electrician is a smart one. Electricity will be a boost for power tools and daily life. Buena suerte en todo! Rebecca


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